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Sports Vision Testing At Our Oxford Optometry in 
Woodstock, ON Can Improve Your Game This Season

If you are looking for that edge over the competitors this sports season, then an optometry visit for sports vision therapies at our Oxford Optometry in Woodstock, ON can give you that boost. Sports vision diagnostics and therapy are important for people in all walks of life because eye speed will help catch that ball or take that curve faster sure, but it can also mean hitting the breaks one moment sooner and saving a life. Sports vision is important because it has far-reaching benefits. 


Eye Care is Whole Body Care

As an athlete, you likely already know that eating well and training improves your speed and overall wellness during a competition. But did you know that a good diet and health regime is also key to eye care? According to WebMD certain foods like fatty fish and green leafy vegetables are key to good eye health, and overall good choices can prolong your vision and improve your eyes from day to day. Also, remember to protect your eyes from the sun just like the rest of your body with protective sunglasses. Most athletes focus on whole body health, but ironically the eyes are easy to "overlook". 

Sports Vision

Just like eating well can improve your eyes, and the rest of your body, so will training the specific area. This is where Sports Vision comes into play. Sports vision is a series of tests and activities to diagnose and improve even the slightest vision issue.  First tests are performed in our office to determine how well your eyes perform. We try to duplicate the type of situations you will face in your sport and other situations that show your eye speed and level of skill. The tests included visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, ocular alignment, and eye dominance. 

Personalized Solutions

After these tests, we offer solutions to any weakness you may have. The solutions will be personalized to your situation and will likely be much like training any other part of the body that needs strengthening, or the answer may be LASIK surgery or corrective lenses. Whatever your results are we will help you improve your skill with our personalized game plan, just for your vision. 

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Call today to set up your sports vision appointment at 519-421-3303. We can help improve your skills no matter the sport you play or the reason you want to improve. From baseball to hunting, from sewing to downhill skiing, improved eye-speed and vision is a life improvement. We proudly serve Woodstock and the surrounding areas. 

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