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Why Choose Polarized Glasses?

Polarized glasses are types of sunglasses that aid in diminishing the glare we receive from the brightness of the sun. Many people who participate in sports-related events wear polarized glasses. Polarized glasses have the same look as tinted glasses; however, they deflect sun rays and increase your visibility much better than ordinary sunglasses while you wear them. Our optometrists at Oxford Optometry recommend wearing these types of sunglasses to provide good eye health and protection from the sun. Now that you know what polarized glasses are, let us explain the benefits of wearing these remarkable glasses. 

The Benefits of Polarized Glasses

1. Reducing eye strain- Some symptoms to eye strain are squinting and blurred vision, which can lead to eye health issues like irritation, redness, and headaches.  Polarized glasses can reduce these problems. 

2. Improves in water sports activity- protective gear like polarized glasses can help reduce the reflective images of the sun off the water while participating in outdoor water activities like swimming and fishing. Most regular sunglasses just reflect the sunlight on to our eyes, making it difficult to see. Polarized glasses work to eliminate that problem.

3. Improves color images- Wearing these polarized glasses also bring a more detailed image of color to the eyes; helping people see clearer and more shades of color while wearing the glasses. 

4. Enhances driving ability- When a person wears our polarized glasses, their clarity of sight is improved. Having problems with sight is a huge problem while driving. Not being able to see close objects or a problem heading your way can result in major accidents. With polarized glasses, driving is safer and lowers the risk of sensitivity to light. 

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