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if you have always thought that you had nothing to look forward to but big, clunky glasses and that contact lenses were not an option for you, think again.  In the past few years, the science of contact lenses has changed considerably.  Now, not only are contact lenses available that are more comfortable and correct more and different problems than in the past, but they are now being made so that more people who were previously unable to have contact lenses can have them.  And they are changing their lives forever. 

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Contact Lens Exam by Oxford Optometry

The first step towards your life free of glasses is a consultation and contact lens exam performed by an optometrist at Oxford Optometry.  This examination features a comprehensive look at your eyes to make sure that everything is healthy, but more importantly that you qualify for contact lenses.  If you do, we can provide complete fitting services to ensure that you receive the very best possible lens that addresses your eye issues.  Secondly, we made sure that the lenses that we recommend to you are comfortable and that you understand how to wear them and use them in your daily life.

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There are probably a few things that are more frustrating than needing a contact lens exam and being unable to find someone qualified to give you one who is nearby.  Fortunately, that's not a probably with Oxford Optometry Our office is staffed completely with people who can perform a contact lens exam, work with your fitting, all the way to the final approval.  

With Oxford Optometry we endeavor to provide every one of our patients with the very best optometric care.  This includes contact lenses.  Oxford Optometry carries the largest line of contact lens types and brands, so that whatever you are looking for--a particular brand or type, feature--the chances are very good that we can provide it or get it. 

At Oxford Optometry, we stand behind every product and service we offer, from a contact lens exam to contact lenses themselves.  We want you to be completely happy and satisfied with the services and products we provide to you. Why not come in today to see how we can serve you?  It won't take long before you see why all of your friends and neighbors are probably already our customers, and why you should be too. 

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