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Do you work at a computer or stare at a digital device all day? If so, then you may benefit from blue light vision services at Oxford Optometry. Explore why blue light is so dangerous for your vision health and learn how we can help you protect your eyes with blue light vision solutions.

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Why is Blue Light Bad For Your Eyes?

Blue is the highest visible color in the light spectrum. It comes from the sun, from digital devices, from flat-screen televisions, and from LED and fluorescent lights. During the course of the average day, you are exposed to blue light from a wide range of sources.

This color of light causes eye strain. The more time you spend watching television or working at a computer, the more your eyes can feel tired, itchy, irritated, and strained. Some users experience headaches from blue light. Others, who watch television or read on a digital device before going to bed, may struggle to fall asleep and become overtired as a result.

While you can get up and take periodic work breaks, these short breaks cannot compensate for harmful blue light. Additionally, over time blue light exposure can cause eye damage such as macular degeneration. If you want to prolong your vision and reduce eye strain associated with blue light exposure, you need help from our eye doctors.

For blue light vision in Oxford, our optometrists can provide special contacts or glasses that block blue light and reduce the discomfort your eyes feel. Whether or not you need vision correction, we can find a blue light solution for you.

Blue Light Correction in Oxford

Protective eyewear is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to protect your eyes from blue light damage. Spending a little money now to get protective eyewear can even save money in the long run by warding off vision and eye health problems.

Our eye doctors in Oxford can prescribe corrective eyewear that blocks blue light, or fit you with blue light blocking glasses that do not have a vision correction component. If you have presbyopia, and use progressive or bifocal lenses, we can find a blue light blocking solution that meets your unique eye health needs. If you routinely go outside and would like a sunglasses solution that also blocks blue light, we can recommend products that will work for these dual goals.

We can also discuss workstation ergonomics with you, helping you set up your desk to reduce the glare from the screen. Our lifestyle suggestions can help you change habits that contribute to blue light exposure.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to block blue light at every age. Whether you are an older adult and already subject to macular degeneration or cataracts, or a young adult or teen hoping to preserve vision in the long term, take action now to safeguard vision health. Make us your blue light solution.

Would you like to protect your eyes and end blue light headaches? The first step is to call our optometrist today and schedule a consultation for a screening and blue light vision correction services. Call (226) 242-1017 today to keep your eyes as healthy as possible and increase your comfort level when working.

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