Kids Eye Exams

Kids Eye Exams - An Essential Part of Back to School

For children, eye exams are an important part of vision care.  A local optometrist can give kids eye exams with a minimum of fuss, and it's a good thing, too. One in four children have an undiagnosed vision problem according to the American Optometric Association.  A pediatrician or family doctor should have given a vision screening to catch the lazy eye, crossed eyes, and obvious vision deficiencies which can be treated while the child is still an infant.  Basic visual acuity, the ability to see near and far well, is very important for the child who is about to start or go back to school.   Good vision is one of the most basic tools necessary for learning, and an eye exam before the start of each school year can make sure that their eyes are in good working order, or provide vision correction if they are not.

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Eye Screening for Infants, Eye Exams for Children

Children do not need to know their letters in order to take visual acuity tests.  A test using pictures called LEA symbols can be used for children who don't yet know their letters.  The optometrist can look into the back of the eyes with a retinoscope to help with determining a child's eyeglass prescription.  Finally, there is a test called random dot stereopsis that helps the doctor determine if the eyes are working together properly.  

By far, the most useful device that a child has to protect their vision is a parent's eyes.  Taking notice of things like headaches, strange behaviors like shutting or covering one eye, bringing a book or object very close to the face to observe it, is the most common kind of hint a doctor might have that there is a problem.  However, annual eye exams check for eye problems that don't show symptoms and can help catch changes in those growing and developing eyes before even the child notices it.

Those annual appointments might be a bit of a pain and easy to forget, but most of the time are covered by health insurance for children, and important to their overall health and success at school.  An appointment time right before school starts gives the kids time to grow over the summer but makes the appointment a regular part of the routine of getting ready for school. 

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Our doctors Dr. Sarah Andreasen, Dr. Jessica Nguyen, and Dr. Chris Schellingerhoudt are happy to answer any questions about kids eye exams and are committed to offering excellence in eye health care.  They do their very best to make the back to school eye exams as quick and convenient as possible. They are all pleased to provide excellent vision care for the whole family and offer monthly specials. Please call Oxford Optometry at 519-421-3303 to make an appointment. 

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