Eyeglasses FAQs in Woodstock, Ontario

If you have vision issues, chances are you need to get eyeglasses in Woodstock, Ontario. Of course, you will need to get a diagnosis and prescription for eyeglasses by visiting an eye doctor. Here at Oxford Optometry our optometrist Dr. Sarah Andreasen provides everything you need to improve your vision with eyeglasses. Prior to your visit, check out these frequently asked questions about wearing eyeglasses.


Why do I Need to See an Eye Care Provider?

Many “silent” diseases, such as glaucoma and diabetes, can only be detected through regular eye exams. When these conditions are discovered earlier rather than later, they become easier to treat or manage, allowing for better long-term preservation of eyesight.

In addition, reading glasses from the drugstore often do not work well because most people have astigmatism and/or different prescriptions in each eye. As a result, many of these individuals experience persistent eye fatigue and headaches. Forgoing the eye exam also sacrifices the opportunity to screen for treatable diseases, as mentioned above.

How Often do I Need to get New Eyeglasses?

This depends on a number of personal factors, such as changing needs, tastes or lifestyle, but you should visit your eye doctor at least once each year. If you notice problems with vision or headaches, then it’s best to consult your doctor right away for a full evaluation and new glasses, if needed.

How Can I Tell if I Need Bifocals?

Bifocals and progressive lenses are most often prescribed for presbyopia in those over age 40 and for individuals who have trouble seeing clearly both at a distance and when reading. Bifocals can also help a person who over-crosses his or her eyes when viewing close objects. An eye exam with a qualified eye doctor can assist you with determining whether bifocals are right for you.

Instead of Bifocals, Can I Use Progressive Lenses and Choose a Smaller Eyeglass Frame?

Yes. Progressive lenses offer more precision in your viewing range within a smaller lens diameter. However, some frames are too small for a proper fit; a trained optician can work with you to find a frame that is sized correctly for both your lens and your face shape.

Why Are the Lenses so Thick?

The final lens thickness depends on the strength of your prescription, the size of your frame, and your personal measurements. Fortunately, recent innovations in lens designs and materials have made lenses thinner by up to 60% in some cases. If lens thickness is a concern for you, notify the optometry staff member; he or she will help you select a frame and lens that allow you to use a thinner lens.

How Do I Know If I Need Eyeglasses?

The only way you know whether you need to wear eyeglasses to see better is by getting an eye exam. At Oxford Optometry we provide vision exams including exams for specialized conditions, such as macular degeneration and dry eye. Let our eye doctor provide you with an eye exam to determine if eyeglasses can help improve your vision.

How Long Does It Take to Get Eyeglasses?

Once you have completed your eye exam, you will most likely wait for three to seven days to receive your new eyeglasses. The time varies due to the prescription of the lens, as well as any special finishes or lens coatings applied to the eyeglasses.

How Long Can I Wear My Current Eyeglasses?

It depends on your prescription and vision issues. We recommend coming in for an annual vision check to see if your eyeglasses prescription needs to be adjusted. Typically, your vision will change as you age and you need to update your prescription to ensure your eyeglasses are providing you with optimal vision. Often we will be able to use your existing frames while simply updating your prescription for your lenses. 

Does My Woodstock Optometrist Offer the Latest Styles of Eyeglass Frames?

Yes, here at Oxford Optometry your Woodstock optometrist carries several designer brands of eyeglass frames. These include, but are not limited to, Evatik, OGI Eyewear, Alfred Sung, Guess, Coach, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, and Versace. We will also help you find the best designer frames to match your personal style and face shape. This way you are going to look your best with your new eyeglasses, which will help you feel cool and confident.

Will I have to Wear Eyeglasses Forever?

Unfortunately, you probably will unless you elect to use contact lenses or corrective laser eye surgery. The great news is that there are lens and surgical advancements in optometry every day.

Choosing a Woodstock Optometrist

Are you ready to update your eyeglasses or to get your first pair of prescription eyeglasses in Woodstock, Ontario? Here at Oxford Optometry, Dr. Sarah Andreasen offers full-service vision care solutions. Dr. Andreasen will provide you with a comprehensive eye exam, selection of eyeglasses, and eyeglass fitting. Contact Oxford Optometry in Woodstock, ON at (519) 421-3303 today to get started. Ask about our current eyeglasses specials when you call our office for an appointment.

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