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Co-Management of LASIK Eye Surgery

Who is a candidate for Lasik surgery?

Co-Management of LASIK Eye Surgery

Many people who wear glasses and contact lenses decide to have LASIK eye surgery to correct their vision. LASIK surgery uses a laser to reshape one or both corneas to make a difference in the patient's vision. Our doctors at Oxford Optometry in Woodstock work with the experts in LASIK and they can help determine who is a good candidate for the procedure.

Can Most People Have LASIK Eye Surgery?

Around 75 to 80 percent of the people interested in LASIK are good candidates for this type of eye surgery. The following are a few things that an ophthalmologist will look for in a candidate:

  • The patient should be at least 18 years old.
  • The patient's vision should have been stable for the last 2 years and not be rapidly deteriorating.
  • The patient's eyes should be in good overall health and free of any eye diseases or infections.

If the prospective patient meets those requirements, an eye surgeon will look further into both eye health and overall health. The patient's corrective prescription has to meet certain parameters whether the eye surgery is to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. The patient should be in good overall health, not just good eye health. The ophthalmologist will want to know about the patient's vision history as well as any medications that might interfere with vision or healing.

Lastly, we recommend that women who have been pregnant or nursing wait at least three months before having a LASIK procedure. Hormones can affect vision and healing.

Are You Considering LASIK?

If you are considering LASIK eye surgery to correct your vision, call us today at (519) 421-3303 to book an appointment one of our optometrists.