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Comprehensive Eye and Vision Exams for all Ages

Comprehensive Eye Care From Your Woodstock Optometrist

Oxford Optometry offers Comprehensive Eye Care

Oxford Optometry offers comprehensive eye care for eye and vision exams, contact lenses and fittings, and prescription eyeglass or sunglass fittings. In addition, we offer help to patients who just received eye surgery and emergency help.

Comprehensive Eye and Vision Exams for all Ages

Woodstock Eye and Vision Exams

Your Woodstock eye and vision exam usually includes a visual acuity eye chart test. This allows your optometrist to see how far away from you and how close to you that you can clearly see. We also perform a variety of retinal exams that help us determine condition of the front and back of the eye.

You also might receive an eye muscle test that involves the use of you watching an object as it’s moved up, down, from side to side, and rotating. In addition, an eye refraction test can determine how well the back of your eye refracts light. This helps us determine the way in which that light will reflect by your retina through your pupil, and it helps detect glaucoma or optical nerve damage.

Contact Exams and Fittings for Woodstock

After your eye doctor completes a comprehensive eye care exam, we can determine the type of contact lenses you need. For instance, you might require Ortho-K lenses to help you correct nearsightedness, or we might have to provide custom-fitted ones for your eye shape.

Prescription Eyeglasses and Sunglasses in Woodstock

If you would prefer glasses instead of contacts, we can provide you the correct prescription strength. We also can determine if bifocal, multifocal, or another type of lens is best. In addition, we will help you select the frames you believe would look best on your face and protect you from UV rays.

Woodstock Patients Now Receive Surgical Co-Management Help

We provide co-management for our patients who have had or are planning to have LASIK surgery to help rid conditions such as astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia.

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If you want to see clearly again, Oxford Optometry Eye Care can help. Contact us at 519-421-3303 or come to see us at our Woodstock, ON office to make an appointment.