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Sports Vision Solutions

Sports Eye Safety From Our Optometrist

Protect Your Eyes and Optimize Your Vision with Sports Vision Eye Care at Oxford Optometry in Woodstock, ON

If you or someone in your family plays sports, are you aware of how important avoiding a sports-related eye injury is? At Oxford Optometry, our staff works to raise awareness of sports eye safety. We want you to realize that good sports vision can protect the health and enhance athletic performance.

Sports Vision Solutions

The Importance of Sports Eye Safety

According to the organization Prevent Blindness, some of the riskiest activities for eye injury include water sports, basketball, racquetball, and baseball/softball. Several thousands of people end up seeking medical treatment for a sports-related eye injury every year. Common injuries include:

  • Corneal scrapes and cuts
  • Ocular trauma caused by blunt force impact, including orbital blowout fractures and globe rupture
  • Foreign object penetration, such as dust, sand, or a plastic or wooden splinter

Eye injuries can be mild or severe, and if left untreated may lead to vision- and eye-threatening complications. But research suggests 90% of sports-related eye injuries are preventable. Because of this, proper eye safety is essential! Appropriate sports eye safety measures reduce your risk of injury and, if vision correction needs are present, can improve your hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and accuracy—while still giving you the protection you need.

Sports Vision Services with Our Woodstock Optometrist Team

Our Woodstock optometry team offers several services to maximize sports vision and eye safety:

  • Comprehensive eye exams to identify any vision impairments that may disrupt your performance
  • Prescription contact lenses for easier vision correction during athletics
  • Medications to soothe eye inflammation and infections
  • Recommendations for appropriate safety goggles, face masks, and helmets (be sure to check with your sport or athletic organization); please be aware that regular eyeglasses, even those made out of durable material, are generally not able to provide sufficient eye protection!

Are Your Eyes Adequately Protected During Your Sport of Choice? Connect with Our Optometry Team in Woodstock, ON Today

To schedule an eye exam and assess your sports vision and safety, contact Oxford Optometry now at 519-421-3303.